Legally known as Swapan Maity

We are the young bengal, namely SUNDARBAN BENGAL BETEL EXPORTER from represent of India .We are devoted to our product and services our goal is optimization use of agriculture product and distributed them worlwide ,we are mostly dedicated in specialy we are deal in various types of cultivated betel leaves(Betel vine) in West Bengal in our farm and our discpline & quality to distribute our product across the world are core determined by our excellence professinals.

Product Related Science : PRS: betel is one of the invaluable medicinal plants The betel leaf commonly known as ‘Paan’ or ‘Nagvalli’ is an evergreen and perennial creeper where its leaves have been used for many medicinal purposes. Betel leaf.....
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Activity Related to Product : ARP: According to Standrized cultivated method we play all the role of Pre Harvesting and Post Harvesting activity , our pre harvesting essential key factor are Soil and water management ,planting management.....
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